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With unstable oil, gas and electricity prices a wood burner gives you an economical and environmentally friendly alternative way to heat your home. Burning wood is carbon neutral - the greenhouse gases given off during combustion balance those taken out of the atmosphere by the tree when it was growing.

We offer a number of ranges of stove from different manufacturers and a comprehensive range of flue and chimney systems as well as consumables and accessories. Examples are as follows:


Pheonix stoves - Multi-fuel 

Fireview stoves - Multi-fuel 

Wildwood stoves - Wood burning only

Hand made in Devon 


Highlander stoves - Multi-fuel and Wood burning only

Aga - Classic

Classic stoves - Multi-fuel


ACR Heat Products

Steel, Cast Iron and Contemporary Stoves

Aga - Contemporary

A range of contemporary wood burning



Dartmoor, Croft and Sherford ranges of stoves - Wood only and Multi-fuel from Devon



Last modified: January 18, 2010