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In the shop we stock vitreous enamel stove pipe, stainless steel stove pipe, flexible chimney liner, chimney cowls and prefabricated chimney components.

bulletFlue pipe, bends and adapters in vitreous enamel and stainless steel
bulletChimney cowls
bulletClay chimney pots
bulletClass 1 chimney liner and components
bulletClass 1 prefabricated chimney components


We also carry a range of fireside and stove accessories.

bulletCompanion sets
bulletLog baskets
bulletHeavy weight cast iron kettles
bulletConsumables including replacement rope seals, glass, paint, black lead, glass cleaner, rope fix, fire cement etc.
bulletSweeping rods and liner brushes

You can view the extensive range we offer - follow this link to the Calfire website - call us for prices.




Last modified: January 18, 2010